Foot Sprain- Proven Ways to Treat the Pain

A foot injury is perhaps the most annoying things that can create an obstacle in your daily routine and leave you dependant on others. Numerous people once in their lifetime face this trouble, and there are certain ways by which one can easily get relief from the pain.

The pain in the foot may sometimes become intolerable and requires medical attention. There are several people who usually ignore the fact that a foot injury requires proper treatment along with some medication. Apart from this, here we’ll discuss some effective ways to treat the pain that most of the people usually don’t know.

Take Adequate Rest

The best healer for your foot is a proper rest, which relaxes the muscles and releases the tension. If you are having severe pain in your foot while walking and moving, you must take ample rest and try to keep your foot straight on a pillow to enhance the blood circulation. According to medical practitioners, excessive movement during a foot sprain may eventually increment the pain and can take a lot of time to heal.  You can also cover your foot with a dressing that helps in warming the injured area to improve the blood circulation.

Use Heat and Ice Wraps to Relieve Pain

Heat and ice wraps can be the best thing that can easily relieve the pain in the foot by relaxing the muscles. A heat wrap significantly increases the flow of blood to the affected area and hence provides adequate relief from the pain. Furthermore, an ice pack on the injured area efficiently reduces inflammation and helps in releasing the tension from the muscles. There are numerous heat and ice packs available in the market that offers adequate gripping to your foot.

Keep your foot Raised

Keeping your foot raised up is the best way to reduce swelling and improve the blood flow. One can use a pillow to raise the foot up to a sufficient level. One must also avoid sitting for long hours as the swelling gets worsened when you are sitting for long durations. If you wish to sit for some urgent work, make sure you use heat and ice wrap that can easily provide proper gripping to your foot without swelling.  Moreover, it lessens the inflammation in the muscles.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are facing reoccurring pain in your foot, you must visit your physician and seek proper treatment. Sometimes the pain can be due to some internal injury that may require immediate medical attention. Your doctor may undergo some tests followed by some imaging to figure out the exact cause of the ailment.

Furthermore, it is strictly advised that one must visit a renowned chiropractor to get proper diagnosis and treatment of the disease. It is a common thing that people usually ignore their pain, which can further lead to serious discomfort and may require proper medical attention. You must visit your physician if the pain lasts for more than a week.


The tips mentioned-above are proven to be fruitful in most of the cases. It is recommended that you must also consult your physician regarding the injury if you are facing reoccurring pain and inflammation in your foot.