What is a healthy weight for children?

Childhood should be a time when we are all at our most healthy before the ravages of life have taken their toll on the body. However, many children are overweight due to a lifestyle of television and lounging. In the “good old days”, children were outside more often, but modern lifestyles encourage more sedentary pursuits. Read on to discover more about the right weight for children.

Parents can help their child keep a healthy weight by encouraging exercise and a healthy diet. Children who are at a good weight for their age and height will feel happier and healthier, perform better at school, and be more self-confident.

Check BMI

The perfect weight range for a child depends on their sex, age, height and build type. A basic BMI chart for children will provide an idea of the correct range for their weight. As long as your children stay within that range, they should be a healthy weight.

Sleep and Rest

One overlooked aspect of keeping a healthy weight is getting enough sleep. People who are sleep-deprived tend to eat more to compensate for a lack of energy. Lack of sleep can also affect mood and behaviour, especially in children. There are a few guides about how to get a better sleep, such as this one from the BBC.

Role Models

In order to encourage healthy weight, parents need to be good role models. This means keeping a healthy diet and staying active. You should encourage an hour of activity each day, such as sport or playing actively. Sports can be team games such as football and hockey or individual sports such as running and swimming.

Sporting Activity

Children can learn to love sport if they have the opportunity to try out lots of different types of sports and games to see which ones they enjoy the most. Children can also enjoy playing sports more if they can choose their clothing and accessories. For example, there are many different types of football team kits that can be bought online at stores such as


Another important part of children keeping a healthy weight is eating the right foods, including five or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and limiting the consumption of unhealthy foods such as cakes, fizzy drinks and biscuits.