Benefits and concerns associated with weight loss pills for women

Weight loss is a growing concern amongst men and women around the globe. With lots of junk food, pollution, sedentary lifestyle and increase in automation there is a huge reduction in healthy living and so more and more people are taking help of weight loss pills for women. Obesity and over weight is common even amongst teenagers and children and some people even use these medications for them. But according to FDA such drugs are strictly prohibited for children less than 12 years of age as it can have severe side effects.

While taking weight loss pills for women one must keep in mind that these medications or supplements are not a replacement of healthy diet or physical activity as such. According to studies and research it is proved that these pills works best when taken in combination with a proper diet plan and fitness regime. You must consult your doctor in order to get a proper medication and diet plan that will suit you.

Benefits of using weight loss pills for women–

When combined with lifestyle changes, there’s prescription medications can help in order to lose weight quickly. According to studies it is found that people who take prescription medications along with diet and lifestyle changes lose weight up to 3-9% more quickly as compared to those that only follow lifestyle changes. Some people may also loss more than 10% of their body weight in a short span of time. But the results vary to a great extent depending upon the genetic history, medical history and discipline of the person. This weight reduction helps in reduction of fats, blood pressure, blood sugar level as well as content of triglycerides in the body. It can also help cure joint pains, arthritis and sleep disorders. If lifestyle changes are not helping you in six months then you must look out for prescribed medicines.

Concerns of using weight loss pills

There can be some side effects of taking prescribed medication for weight loss, especially if it is taken by youngsters or without proper doctor’s advice. There can be serious health issues such as heart valve problems and increased blood pressure too in some cases.. The side effects varies from person to person And also depends upon the medication that you are taking. If medication contains natural ingredients then there are chances that side effects would be less.